Emerald Glen Doves

Celebrating a wedding at Ellis RanchReleasing doves for the Denver MayorDoves signify love, peace, purity and fidelity, and are a romantic enhancement to any wedding.Releasing 40 doves across the water creates an unforgettable wedding moment.The release of white doves at a funeral symbolizes the release of the spirit, and assists in the grieving process.Emerald Glen Doves is a family-owned and operated local business in northern Colorado.

Emerald Glen Doves specializes in ceremonial white dove releases personally orchestrated for your event. My white doves are bred and trained to fly home after your event.

Our "perfect wedding dress white" wedding doves add an extra-special touch to weddings, memorials, funerals, and charity events.

I currently house a large flock of doves to accommodate any size event. We serve the Colorado Front Range from Cheyenne to Castle Rock, as well as eastern Colorado and mountain venues.

A dove release is a special touch to a wedding and make wonderful memories as well as a moving moment at a loved ones memorial or funeral. The releasing of a dove or doves by the family can bring closure and comfort to those left behind.

White dove breeding stock for sale, when available. Will ship within the USA.


Serving Denver and the Northern Front Range since 2007

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